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Motor (micro-motor gear motor) and the prospects of the development of electric drive system


Electrification. Information age, in the performance. Reliability and capacity of motor (micro-motor deceleration motor) put forward higher requirements. Ac variable frequency speed regulation system and frequency conversion motor (micro-motor Gear Motor). High power brushless DC Motor. Brushless permanent magnet synchronous motor and got great development. At the same time, along with the development of the emerging industry, micro-motor (micro-motor deceleration motor) has become a motor (micro-motor deceleration motor) of the industry, electrical appliances industry in China is focusing on the development of products. Rare earth permanent magnet motor (micro-motor deceleration motor), the bearingless motor is the new trend of technology development. Corresponding to this, the motor (micro-motor deceleration motor) drive also have new development, the drag system and put forward higher requirements, such as the requirement to improve machining precision and working speed, fast start. Braking and reverse, to achieve a wide range of speed adjustment and automation of the whole production process, which requires a complete set of automatic control equipment of automation of electric drive system. And the high demand of drive system with the continuous development of automatic control theory, semiconductor devices and the application of power electronic technology and the development of numerical control technology and computer technology and using, is continuously improve and improve. To sum up, electric drive technology development so far, it has many other drag the way the incomparable advantages. It started. The brake. Inversion and speed regulation control is simple. Convenient. Rapid and high efficiency; The type of the motor, and has a variety of operating characteristics to meet the requirements of various types of production machinery; Detect the parameters of the whole system and signal transformation and transmission is convenient, easy to realize the optimal control. Therefore, the electric drive has become the foundation of the national economy of electrical automation.

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