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Micro motor industry application diversified iot power become smarter


Abstract: under the force of national policy, micro-motor industry applications more diversification, development prospect is also, in the future the motor control system will play a more important role in a new round of change.

Now intelligent micro-motor products has gradually penetrated into all walks of life, including household, automotive electronics, and unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs), more and more into the intelligent updates will be provided to the motor manufacturing industry development opportunities. So, micro-motor product to achieve what level can be called intelligent? Intelligent micromotor and what effect will bring these industries? At large bit information hosted by the fifth micromotor seminar, micro-motor world network reporter interviewed attending engineer on these problems.

Internet of things let micromotor become smarter

Along with the power electronic technology, computer technology, microelectronics technology and the development and application of control theory, the application areas of micromotor is becoming more and more widely. It is understood that the current international advanced motor system has been integrated diagnosis, protection, control, communications, and other functions, can realize motor system of self diagnosis and self protection, self control, remote control, etc., this is the intelligent micromotor.

The equipment manufacturing industry in our country to develop in the direction of high, refined, sharp and two combination of industrialization and informationization, micro-motor also gradually realizes intelligence. In order to realize high quality, high efficiency and low cost of operation, micro-motor under various conditions with the computer, motor controller, power converter, the sensor is connected to many aspects, such as, in this way, micromotor, it is not a level components of actuators, but a can achieve function complete mechanical and electrical integration of the system.

Because the control system is an important part of microelectromechanical systems, as well as the realization of Internet of things. So, the future motor control system will play a more important role in a new round of change. This is a common vision of micro-motor industry intelligent, so, as an important part of intelligent motor control chip manufacturers of micromotor how see?

Silan microelectronics manager wu mei fly said in an interview: "in fact, micromotor in terms of our intelligent control is the most basic use sensors to adapt the chip module system, including temperature sensing, etc., to adjust the parameters of the motor inside, more to improve the motor efficiency, flexibility and stability." This is the one of the requirement of micro-motor control intelligent.

The development of the Internet of things technology communication function of micro-motor products to ask for more, it is thought the Internet of things will make micro-motor industry for new technology revolution. Because through the Internet of things technology, both in household electrical appliances and industrial complex motor will have a higher efficiency, also can realize remote management of the system and the terminal node connectivity. The core in microelectronics senior detailed FAE GengJun said: "the Internet of things is really realize micromotor intelligent control, the best time for motor control chip, intelligent control chip should have communication interface, more in line with the requirements of easy to operate."

The MPS application engineer Lu Zhen agrees, he thinks that in the Internet of things applications, microelectromechanical systems need to continue to optimize in terms of power consumption control. And ensure high reliability needs motor, participation, control chip and system design, system of high performance are related to motor and control characteristics, with the development of the industry chain and mature, intelligent micromotor will have made substantial progress. Concerning the requirement of the micromotor enterprise Internet of things, many vendors have released the focus motor control of the controller, for the future of the Internet to provide safe and reliable embedded processing solutions.

In an interview with micromotor world network, freescale senior engineering normal XiaoBin put forward in the process of realization of intelligent motor control, also want to improve the reliability. No matter in any complex environment, to keep the motor control stability when disturbed, this is the standard to control the system reliability.

Intelligent micromotor applications more diverse

Previously, ADI company in Asia Pacific, motor and power control industry marketing officer Mr Yu Changtao said in an interview, intelligent and networked motor control will be the industry, and even the entire core development trend of industrial automation market. Because in recent years, motor control market with more than $25 billion of global value, and show strong growth momentum, network communication and intelligent is the concrete embodiment of the development of motor control technology.

Through the Internet of things technology, both in household electrical appliances and industrial complex motor will have a higher efficiency, realize the remote management of the system and the terminal node connectivity. In the development of the international and domestic market demand, the communication, the computer market, the automobile market, the consumer electronics market, under the drive of intelligent micromotor more wide prospect of market.

The MPS application engineer Lu Zhen said in an interview: "the MPS is a high-tech chip factory, attaches great importance to in recent years, motor control and drive chip. We can see the motor control and drive chip market is in the midst of rapid growth and development, the process from industrial automatic control, intelligent household, drones and other traditional industries change and emerging industry processes, and the development of these industries will last quite a long time. Is different from the previous LED 'peak', micro-motor control and drive for chip factory has the very high hard power, small companies can no longer playing the role as a spoiler. So I expect that the market will be a long-term stable development, the stronger the strong trend."

Fan Xiaobin in an interview with micromotor world network of intelligent micromotor market prospect is also very bullish, he revealed, freescale cars motor control development solutions have formed a complete suite, supported by the hardware and software, users can quickly make the prototype motor control applications, without having to wait until the final completed hardware design can be evaluated. Fan Xiaobin also said: "ordinary motor control system can only be used as a control, but through the Internet of things, will be able to control household appliances, via cell phone or other device to realize the intelligent control. So in home appliances and cars, the prospect of the intelligent of the micromotor is very worth waiting for."

In addition to cars and appliances, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is an important application field intelligent micromotor. Rainbow eagle uav project director of the institute Zhang Ke think intelligent motor depends on the degree of industry requirements, such as for motor intelligent robots and unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), the intelligent of the micromotor is very important. He expressed the hope that manufacturers can provide high efficiency and energy saving at the same time can realize intelligent control of the product, but this is difficult, at present many vendors have introduced a motor control scheme of the high efficiency and energy saving, but in the actual application to solve high efficiency and energy saving and intelligent combination is a thorny problem.

Intelligent need to constantly improve

If only from the point of micromotor itself, domestic motor did have some gap with foreign in terms of performance, such as the stability and precision, etc., this is beyond doubt. Because of semiconductor is the foundation of micro-motor industry, its main technical or abroad, so the development of domestic micromotor is restricted by abroad, restricted by the semiconductor industry, China's road to micromotor intelligent doesn't happen overnight.

Have thought that now the intelligent motor service field is very wide, is one of the important equipment in the mechanical and electrical industry, intelligent micromotor should be able to get a better development, the future of the world or by intelligent motor to control, motor manufacturers should take this opportunity to accelerate the process of intelligent, so as to expand its market share and promote the development of motor industry.

But profit is the director of research and development of the motor is not agree with this point of view, he told the world electric net interview: "about intelligent micromotor, I think the motor control should only be needed for motor control, and intelligence should be more top things, I don't suggest adding too many intelligent things in motor control. Motor control vendor's work is focused on how to become more stable, more accurately, how to do faster response, the first thing to do this base well."

Profit does not think let micromotor towards intelligent things, in the field of micro-motor industry needs to do is to control the micromotor do better. Micro-motor control applications, we can provide you with good support, language is the intelligent application, it should be applied in the field of people to consider, and we control the micromotor.

Wu mei fly is proposed intelligent micromotor is closely related to the whole industry chain's point of view, although he said domestic intelligent haven't reach the requirement of intelligent, but the market is now in the process of rapid increase, the competition of the micromotor is not only a industry chain competition. Under this trend, in addition to ensure the basic function of micromotor, all the enterprises also face a transformation on the industry chain development, especially as micro-motor control vendors, more should seize the rare opportunity. Micro-motor transition from traditional to intelligent is the trend of The Times, this is a big change, which also exists risk. Transformation can be successful, the product can be accepted by users, it is a period of time in the future, need industry unceasingly carries on the discussion, and constantly to perfect an important question.

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