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Gear motor (robot) future robots or become superman in real life


Once upon a time, only can see various robot in science fiction movies, now has entered into the real life. In recent years, in short, represented by the intelligent robot, to be able to miraculously affect our work, life and learning, and in all walks of life to play out their magical powers. Intelligent sweeping robot wheeled mobile robot (robot Gear Motor), instead of walking and 3 d robot massage chair and so on, has become a good partner or human good assistant. Service robot has opened the door of the new world. My first personal beauty robots "jia jia" in the near future, this is our first experience unique interactive robot. It not only has lifelike human facial appearance, but also improve the vitality of the human-robot interaction and kindness. "Jia jia" is USTC "kejia" robot team, joint domestic partners, took three years to develop the third generation of unique experience interactive robot. Also has initially man-machine dialogue comprehension, micro facial expressions, mouth and body movements to match dynamic environment, a wide range of autonomous navigation and positioning, and cloud services, and other functions.

May have some time, we think that the robot is still good far from us. But as long as we have a pair of eye, you will find the robot as a high-tech product, is gradually into the ordinary people. Little imagine, a lot of families in the world, has been with the robot's harmony, to build a dream and the future of the real world. View of taizhou to help share the housework appeared in the family, as the main task of robot already is not new. Intelligent vacuum cleaner, automatic wipe a window machine, automatic dishwasher, cooking machine, etc, belong to the robot. Walking in the streets, and occasionally see some young people or children, flashed stamped on the "wheels". That is the so-called intelligent balanced car, also known as the "walking robot (robot gear motor). It is sensitive to perception "instruction", does not need complex control, and can be adjusted by the perception of human body balance. Smart car balance is also a very effective fitness tool, ride for a long time, still can make shoulder, ridges and limbs and a workout, enhance the flexibility of the body. The robot will also play an important role in city management. In "work five water work, jiang days this year with robots to detect the sewage pipe network, saves the manpower material resources, and improve the efficiency of the sewage pipeline detection. Under the traditional sewage pipeline maintenance, generally require human operation, some of the smaller diameter pipes, unable to enter human body, to the naked eye just couldn't see what's happening inside. While the use of robots for testing, can accurately locate the location of the pipe and found the problem, and repair of the targeted. The appearance of the robot, is like a small remote control cars, car with hd camera and projector, tails are attached to the power cord. Staff as long as open the CMC, the pipeline robot in CMC, and through the pipeline endoscopic camera system, can carry out remote control in the ground. Gear motor when the robot (robot) is automatically crawl inside the underground pipes, also can photograph, video real-time transmission data and high-definition image to the background.

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